Put the magic of the computer in your hands.

Be ready for college level computer science courses.

The Problem:

Computers make the world go 'round. Nearly every major innovation heavily relies on software to make the magic happen. Almost all in-demand jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities require coding abilities. Despite this, most local public high schools may neglect computer science education. As a result, local students are disadvantaged in college where computer science classes are often required. Additionally, kids who would otherwise pursue a fruitful career in CS discover their passion in computer science too late in their college education.

The Solution:

Code Camp serves to close the gap for local students. This camp will teach programming principles and campers will become literate in the Java programming language. The camp is two nights a week from June 30th to August 20th. Monday nights at 7pm will be a one hour lesson and Wednesday nights at 7pm will be an hour and a half lab where students will complete the weekly project with the guidance of the instructor. If you are unable to attend any given night, it won't be a problem as a youtube video of the lesson will be posted to this site and projects can be completed at home.

Should I sign up?

If you are a high school or college student who has ever wondered how computers work, wanted to make iPhone or Android apps, or are just curious about what programming really is you should sign up. All are welcome, no experience required, no age restrictions.

Need more convincing?

Check out this infographic:

Source: code.org/stats